John Shanken-Kaye, Ph.D.

“When you Need Help…” – Written by John Shanken-Kaye

When you Need Help…  John M. Shanken-Kaye Ph.D. Being a parent is probably the most challenging, rewarding, frustrating, engaging, difficult job most of us will ever have. In spite of this fact, most of us face the role of parents with no clear idea of what is effective or ineffective in helping our children to […]

“Perserverance Conquers All”

PERSEVERANCE CONQUERS ALL  —– GENIUS, that power which dazzles mortal eyes, Is oft but perseverance in disguise. Continuous effort, of itself, implies, In spite of countless falls, the power to arise. ‘Twixt failure and success, the point’s so fine, Men sometimes know not when they touch the line. Just when the pearl was waiting one […]

“Oldies, But Goodies” – Written by Dr. John Shanken-Kaye, Ph.D.

“…..if I were younger, I’d know more.” Oldies, But Goodies Written by Dr. John Shanken-Kaye, Ph.D. It’s been over 45 years since I graduated public school and yet, as the calendar clicks down to the end of June, I still have an excited expectation; a feeling that “something’s comin’ something good.” It’s interesting to me […]