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An Abstract Written by Dawn H. Haaz, Psy.D., Psychology Resident

Our Psychology Resident, Dr. Dawn H. Haaz, is pleased to announce her first publication featured in the Journal of Divorce & Remarriage. Please see the abstract below. If you are interested in the full text of the article, please email Dr. Haaz at dawnhaaz@psychologyaces.com.

Haaz, D. H., Kneavel, M., and Browning, S. W. (2014). The father-daughter relationship and intimacy in the marriages and daughters of divorce. Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 55, 164-117. doi: 10.1080/10502556.2013.871962


This article examines how being the daughter of divorce affects one’s marital relationship. We examined this issue by studying the role of the father–daughter relationship in a sample of 90 women, all of whom were currently married and had parents who were divorced, with a Web-based survey. Specifically, this study investigated whether there was a relationship between the strength of these women’s relationships with their fathers and the level of commitment, intimacy, and communication in their current marriages. This study produced evidence that the strength of the father–daughter relationship corresponded with current marital intimacy. However, the level of commitment and communication in their own marriages was not linked to the strength of their relationships with their fathers. This study has important implications regarding the work clinicians do to protect and strengthen the father–daughter relationship when working with families who have experienced parental divorce.



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