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“Perserverance Conquers All”



GENIUS, that power which dazzles mortal eyes,

Is oft but perseverance in disguise.

Continuous effort, of itself, implies,

In spite of countless falls, the power to arise.

‘Twixt failure and success, the point’s so fine,

Men sometimes know not when they touch the line.

Just when the pearl was waiting one more plunge,

How many a struggler has thrown up the sponge!

As the tide goes out, it comes clear in;

In life, ’tis at turns the wisest win.

And oh! how true when shades of doubt dismay,

“‘Tis often darkest just before the day.”

A little more persistence, courage, vim!

Success will dawn o’er fortune’s cloudy rim,

Then take this honey for the bitterest cup:

“There is no failure save in giving up,

No real fall as long as one still tries,

For seeming setbacks make the strong man wise.

There’s no defeat, in truth, save from within;

Unless you’re beaten there, you’re bound to win.”

  –Henry Willard Austin


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